ZEUS i26w - Directions and Detailed Instructions

ZEUS i26w has many features, we want to make sure you know how to use them all. There is a small protective film over the LED indicator lights, feel free to pull that off. The power button is located on top of ZEUS i26w and it controls your device. 

For the Flashlight:

Hold down the power button until the flashlight turns on, press the power button again to toggle through modes: BRIGHT-DIM-SOS-STROBE-OFF

Wireless Charging Pad:

Our wireless charging pad works with all new cell phones and to a distance of 8mm.

  1. To initiate wireless charging, press the power button once to awake, and again to activate wireless charging. The red indicator light is located inside the flashlight.
  2. Place your phone on the wireless charging pad. The red light indicator will be on when your device is wireless charging. 
  3. Do not cover the flashlight; but rather center your device on the wireless charging pad.
  4. Our wireless charging pad will provide stable 5/7.5/10W of power.
  5. Wireless charging will not immediately disable; allowing you to send a text and put your phone back down on the pad without having to re-press the power button.

Please note that some phone cases prohibit wireless charging, especially ones that contain any metal or credit cards.

Solar Charging:

ZEUS i26w charges itself when directed at the sun. That's it! There is a small green sun that becomes illuminated to let you know that it is charging. In optimal conditions, ZEUS will charge at 300mA/hr. Use the included Velcro lanyard to hang ZEUS i26w in the sun. 

Corded Charging:

You can charge multiple devices at the same time. 

USB-C: equipped with PD18W you can fast charge your phone, tablet or other devices that support Type-C.

USB-A [blue]: equipped with QC3.0, this is the fastest option with speeds up to 18W. 

USB-A [grey]: supports speeds up to 15W, our power saver mode is great for GoPro’s, wearable fitness devices, and various other USB devices.  


Tap the power button to check the current capacity, 1 blue light equals 25%, 2 - 50%, 3 - 75%, and 4 blue lights means that Zeus is fully charged. 1 blinking blue light means that Zeus needs to find a power outlet or some sunlight. 

Email info@rungood.ca for quick and easy support.